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31st State

Here = Different

We worked with visionary founder and mom Stephanie Capuano on the brand foundation for the launch of 31st State, a revolutionary and award-winning skin and body care brand for guys.

We are 31st State.

Hair stuff. Body stuff. Face stuff.

All inspired by California

And the guys there who make it look easy.

A West Coast brand that believes

That fake ingredients are kind of like insecurity.

You can see it – and smell it – a mile away.

So we created 31st State.

To help you look, feel and smell your best every day, so you can go do your thing.

31st State.



"When I came to LIGHT+CO I had two big challenges.

I felt I lacked strategic direction on how to execute the brand and importantly, how to communicate our tone of voice internationally. We are a teen boy brand inspired by California but made in the UK. Defining an essence and voice that would appeal to teens in multiple countries with different sensibilities and takes on humour was a tall order.

"LIGHT+CO developed the organizing idea for 31st State that has served as the creative and strategic launchpad for all that we do across all channels and assets, including the website, pack copy, social media, media and verbal communications."

31st State

Stephanie Capuano, Founder

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