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Trombone Shorty Foundation and Jazz & Heritage Foundation

"Rise and Shine"

When the COVID-19 pandemic rolled across the globe, it silenced live music everywhere. As home to some of the world’s greatest musical traditions, Louisiana is also home to some of its most gifted musicians. Musicians who have been struggling for nearly a year now, with no clear end in sight. Some of whom have left their instruments behind for good, finding new ways to make ends meet, and making it challenging for young musicians to receive music instruction from the city’s culture bearers.

We are proud to have partnered with the Trombone Shorty Foundation and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation to launch a wave of Music Relief for the musicians of Louisiana.

"Rise and Shine" PSA Film

"In my many years of working with the Foundation...

I don’t think I’ve seen a more powerful and authentic representation of our city or musicians than the ‘Rise and Shine’ film.”

Jazz & Heritage Foundation

Don Marshall, Executive Director

"The film delivers a deeply felt message with emotion and flair.

We don't get dancing in the streets, but a tuneful testimony to the human spirit that acknowledges down notes while striving for a higher, more hopeful tempo.”

Muse by Clio

David Gianatasio

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