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LIGHT+CO is a brand and performance marketing agency. We specialize in creating and capturing disproportionate demand for heritage brands.

Create Demand

Brand + creative

We help heritage brands uncover and articulate their most powerful, authentic and timeless truths. 


Capture Demand

Technology + analytics + optimization

We help clients drive customer acquisition and engagement through advanced data, marketing technologies and strategies.

"Heritage brands live in three time zones—past, present, and future. This requires an organization whose members understand that the brand is bigger than they are, that they are a link in the chain, with an obligation to leave an even stronger brand to the next generation."

Lund University, Sweden

Professor Mats Urde

Our services

Demand creation

Brand research + insights
Brand heritage audit
Brand positioning/purpose/principles
Visual identity systems

Brand storytelling + verbal identity
Content creation - all media

Campaign management - global
Social media strategy + playbooks
Media planning/buying

Demand capture

Data strategy

Measurement strategy
Customer acquisition modeling

Cross-channel analytics + optimization

Experimentation - A/B + multivariate

Journey mapping and use case development
Consumer experience strategy + design
Website design + development


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