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  • We’re used to working with agencies who have hundreds of people on staff, decades-long relationships, and shelves full of awards."
    We have more award-winning creatives in our LIGHT+CO Pool of Experts than the top three independent US agencies combined.
  • I like visiting an agency in their offices and soaking up that creative vibe.
    We get it. Agency offices can feel really cool. And if you don’t mind investing your marketing dollars in fancy carpets, state-of-the-art espresso machines, long-term office leases, and a lot of redundant (and often ill-fitting) talent, then good luck in the füsbol tournament on your next visit!
  • It’s hard for me to imagine hiring an agency without meeting the strategic and creative team first.
    Makes sense. The client-agency relationship is something we take very seriously. It really is like dating, and more often than not, there are intangible things that make a client-agency relationship work or not. What’s great about LIGHT+CO’s model is that we and our clients have infinite flexibility – and ability – to make fluid changes if and when the fit isn’t right.
  • So do you basically just outsource everything?
    No. We are not Uber for advertising. Just like “static staff” agencies you’ve worked with in the past, we take responsibility for how all of the pieces come together, and we are your single point of strategic contact, acting as your trusted counsel and steward for your brand(s). The difference is that our talent model offers you more flexibility, scalability, and a more efficient way to access the “best and rightest” talent in the business.
  • Bespoke teams sound expensive.
    Not in practice. LIGHT+CO is a premium offering. And are clients work with some of the best strategists, creatives, and media people in the industry. But engaging LIGHT+CO is typically 30-50% more efficient than working with big agencies. In part because having the right people on your business almost always means getting to the right answers faster. The other reason is that -- unlike static agencies full of staff -- we don’t do cattle call meetings or unnecessary layers and levels.
  • Our needs are pretty sophisticated. Can you handle them?
    There’s a reason big clients have retained big agencies over the decades to steward their brands. Big agencies brought them a diversity of thinking and specializations (if not of talent), and a wealth of resources. The problem is that big agencies also came with a cost – overhead. Giant offices. Giant staffs. And with that overhead came a bigger problem: the limiting factor of sunk investments. Any agency head will tell you that freelancers are a drain on their business, and the pressure they feel to solve their clients’ problems with people already on staff. With LIGHT+CO, our size rivals any of the old-line agencies. As do our resources, access to different specializations. The difference is that because they’re not attached to overhead, we don’t have to bill our clients massive retainers to have them all on staff at any given time. We’re able, for every client, and every project, to ask “who’s best” instead of “who’ve we got?”
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